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Classes resuming April 2021

First of all apolaogies as this web site is not up to date , my new one should be ready soon , fingers crossed.

Anyway , I’m so excited to get back to face to face lessons this week .

All classes are now full , but do get in touch  and I’ll put you on the waiting list if your intrested , spaces do become available now and then.

Perfroming Arts group classes resume on Thursday 22nd April at The British Legion, Newquay as follows :

4.15-5.15pm – Shooting Stars for 5-8 yrs

5.30-6.30pm – Sassy Stars for 9-11yrs

6.45-7.45pm – Super Troupers for 12-17 yrs

We work towards an annual Trinty college of London  Musical Theatre exam as well as 2 CTS shows a year .

See you in class



Covid Safety Guidlines 2021

How we are keeping your child safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Please do not send your child to CTS if they are feeling unwell, a family member or someone in
your household are displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

Arrivals :
All parents/carers are kindly asked to maintain social distancing when arriving at the British Legion .
The British Legion have asked for a track and trace register. So I will need the names of anyone who enters the building as well as all CTS students .

In Class :
We will be observing class sizes in line with social distancing.
Frequent hand washing or hand sanitisation will be undertaken by all upon entry
Hand sanitisers will be in the room and the main entrance (where applicable).
Please ensure your child only brings essential possessions to class (such as water and anymedical needs, i.e. EpiPen).
Non essential items (such as props and costumes) will not be used for the time being.
Students will be encouraged to cough or sneeze using the inside of their elbow or to use tissue which should be put into a bin bag which i will seal and dispose of after each

Social Distancing :
We will be observing the latest social distancing guidance from the UK Government for all of our
students where appropriate.
Rooms will be of the required size and markings made to assist students in recognising the social
distancing needed.
For Early Years students we will endeavour to deliver classes which encourage them to keep
their distance where reasonably practicle .

Departures :
There will be 15 minutes between lessons, allwoing studnets to leave before the next class arrives.

Please note, as government guidance and policy change we will be updating safety measures accordingly.

Class Info Nov 2020

Chirstmas Half -Term  2020 :

Thursday Nov 5th – Thursday Dec 17th (7 weeks)

4.15-5.15pm – Shooting Stars –  Beginers class  – 5 -9yrs

5.30-6.30pm – Sassy Stars-  Exam Preperation Class – 9-11 yrs

6.45-7.45pm –  Super troupers- Exam preperation Class – 12-17 yrs

Due to current guidance,  classes need to be smaller,  so places will be reserved on a first come first serve basis

Classes need to be paid for in advance :

To secure a place simply pay for a half or full term on line, stating your child’s name .

I will then send you a confirmation email with everything you need to know. .




Grab your chance to experience current West End performers sharing their passion, knowledge and skills in the comfort of your own home.

 The following West End Wednesdays are Confirmed :

Places still available on all Workshops:

5-6.30pm via Zoom.
Wed 15th July : MATILDA with Gemma Scholes :  West End credits include Matilda,                                     Young   Frankenstein, 42nd street and Oliver Awards 2018 .
Wed 22nd July : CATS with Matthew Caputo : credits include: City of Angels , Matilda,
                           Mary Poppins, Cats , King Kong and On the Town.
Wed 29th July : HAIRSPRAY  with Harry Francis:  credits include : A Chorus Line , The                                   Book  of  Mormon, West side Story and Cats .
Wed 5th Aug :    MAMMA MIAwith Erica Jayne Alden:  credits include Mamma Mia,                                   Joseph  and Cats
Wed 12th Aug : HAMILTON  with Alexzandra Sarmiento : Credits inculde current cast of
To Book simply pay for the workshop and email a confirmation. You’ll then be added to the group and emailed a Zoom link on the appropriate WEDNESDAYS .
COST :  £15 each .
BUNDLE : £10 each if you book 3 or more
You can pay via Paypal or BACS ( If you would like a receipt please use paypal )
BACS :  HSBC, SC : 40-44-34  AN: 41687476
Can you pay for each workshop separately stating the name of the student and the name of the workshop  .









Trinity Exam Dates and Filming guide lines 2020

All Trinty exam payments need to be in by July 24th please.

Filmed exam pieces need to be in by 14th Aug

Candidates are required to film and submit a video performance of their chosen pieces, which will be marked to the graded/diploma exam criteria by a Music or Drama examiner.

Make sure that you’ve read these instructions before you start filming, to avoid unforeseen circumstances interrupting or negatively affecting the performance or the recording.

Setting up filming


  • Filming can be done using a good quality smartphone or tablet, or any good quality audio-visual recording device (e.g. digital video cameras, laptops) which will allow the examiner to accurately assess the performance.
  • The use of a tripod is recommended to improve camera stability. If you do not have access to a tripod, the device should be placed on a steady surface and kept still for the duration of the exam performance. Equipment such as selfie sticks, pop sockets etc can be used for ease of filming and stability.
  • Where possible, the camera should be positioned at the performer’s eye level, to ensure that the viewing angle doesn’t restrict the examiner’s view of the performance.
  • If filming on a smartphone or tablet, consider turning the device to airplane mode, to avoid unnecessary notifications or calls interfering with the recording of the performance.


  • You should film in a quiet room undisturbed by outside noise. Any internal noise should be kept to a minimum level. Consider turning nearby appliances off to ensure this, as well as devices such as fans and AC units.
  • Avoid phones ringing during the performance (both mobile and landlines), by switching them to mute/airplane mode, or leaving them in a separate room.
  • The room and performance area should be well-lit and without dark shadows or bright light (for instance direct sunlight from windows) that may make it hard for the examiner to see the candidate’s performance.
  • Similar to being on a stage, you should be facing the light, avoiding having any bright lights behind you such as a window. This will ensure there aren’t any unnecessary shadows covering you during your performance.
  • Candidates should have enough space to be able to perform effectively, and the room must have enough space to set up a camera to film the performance. The room should be safe for the candidate to perform in, free from any hazards such as cables, electrical sockets and wires that could be tripped over.
  • The room should have mains power supply and extension leads as needed for filming equipment.
  • If using a music stand, this should be at a height and distance that is comfortable for the candidate, without obscuring the instrument or candidate from view.

Filming settings

  • Remember that the submitted performance video has to be one continuous take, without editing separate takes together.
  • To ensure that the final video size can be managed by our online platform, lower the recording quality before you begin to record by turning HD off, if possible. Most recording devices have an option to change the quality of the recording in their settings. This won’t affect the examiner’s ability to assess your performance, but will make the delivery of the files much easier.


  • Ensure that the smartphone or camera has sufficient storage capacity to hold a recording the length of the exam performance, and that any batteries are fully charged, or the device is plugged in using the appropriate mains cables.
  • Another person can operate the camera, or the camera can be fixed during the performance. The camera must remain still and steady for the duration of the performance.
  • Most recording devices will adjust their brightness settings automatically, but you can always tweak them manually if you’re not happy with them. Inside the camera app, you can tap on the screen of most smartphones and tablets, to point to those elements you want to be in focus and correctly exposed.

  • If the recording device is being held by another person, make sure that the microphone isn’t being covered by their hand. Refer to the device’s user manual, if you don’t know where the microphone is located on your device.
  • We recommend that you test the camera and sound recording equipment by filming a short section of the candidate’s first performance piece and playing it back to check the sound and video quality is suitable before filming the full exam performance. The sound should be loud and clear but without any distortion. Consider making a practice recording of a loud and quiet part of your performance, to check that any quiet parts are audible and any loud parts are not distorted.

Backing track:

If using a backing track, due care should be given to the balance of the solo instrument and the backing track during the performance.

  • You will need to run the backing track from a separate device that is loud enough for you to hear, and for the recording device to capture it. Where possible, the source of the sound should come from near the performer, to ensure optimal balance, as placing it too close to the recording device might result in the backing track being too prominent in the final recording.
  • We strongly recommend doing a sound check and recording test before filming your entire exam performance, to ensure you’re happy with the final sound balance. Make sure you try out the quietest and loudest moments in the piece. Both you and the recording device should be able to hear comfortably the backing track at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to give at the beginning of my performance?

    • You do not need to provide any information. You can simply start to perform.
    • Please remember to upload a word document (or similar format) of the pieces, composer (for classical and jazz), artist and which are your own choice and technical focus songs (for Rock & Pop), author (for drama) and order you are performing them in. You should film all pieces in one continuous recording.
  • You must not upload separate performances or edit takes together. Separate performances or edited videos will not be eligible for assessment.

Who can be in the room?

  • We recommend you have someone to help you operate the camera and any backing tracks. This person should not be in the video. If you have an accompanist, they do not need to be in frame.The examiner does not need to see the accompanist in the video.

Can I edit my performance?

  • No, you should film all pieces in one continuous recording. You must not upload separate performances or edit takes together. Separate performances or edited videos will not be eligible for assessment.

What format should I upload in?

  • You should upload your video and supporting documents in any of the following formats:
    • MP4
    • MOV
    • JPEG
    • DOC / DOCX
    • PNG
    • PDF
  • Videos and supporting documents in formats other than those listed above will not be eligible for upload.
  • Videos are limited to the following for each candidate submission:
    • Initial and Grade 1: 50MB
    • Grades 2 and 3: 100MB
    • Grades 4 and 5: 150MB
    • Grade 6: 200MB
    • Grade 7: 250MB
    • Grade 8: 300MB
    • Diplomas: 350MB

How should I label the video file?

Your file should be labelled with your name, subject and grade level

  • Yourname_ Musical Theatre _Grade(number)
  • Yourname_ Performing Arts-Grade (number)

Further advice

If you have any concerns about equipment, filming or room set-up, please contact us at:

If you have any technical issues with uploading your files, you can also contact technical support at

Private Zoom Lesson Time-Table June / July 2020

Saturday:  4th, 18th July / 1st, 15th, 29th Aug
10 am : Elizabeth Olive
11 am : Lauren Ridehalgh
12pm :  Maisy Johns
2pm : Izzy Prosser
3pm:  Maia Kimpton
4pm : Hannah Thorpe
Saturday: Saturday 11th and 25th July  : 8th , 22nd Aug
10 am : Ellie
11am:   Lauren Ridehalgh
12 .05pm :  Arwen Hemming
2pm : Poppy Livingston
3pm : Mia Rickwood
4pm :  Hannah Thorpe

Lessons can be paid for via BACS . A Zoom link to your lesson will be sent out once payment is received.

BACS details: Sort Code: 40-44-34, Account No: 41687476: please put the students name as a reference.

1hr lesson = £26

Please note: 24 hour cancellation notice is needed.

Happy New Year / Term Dates 2020

CTS Classes resume as follows: 


Wednesday 8th Jan – Wednesday 12th Feb

5-6pm – Wizz show-time class : 9- 11yrs

6-7pm – Trinity exam preparation class : 9 + 


Thursday 9th Jan – Thursday 13th Feb  

4.30-5.30pm – Rainbow Show-Time class : 5-8yrs

5.30-6.30pm – Wicked Show-Time class : 12 +

6.30-7.30pm – Trinity exam preparation class : 12 +

Costume Ideas- Xmas Show 2019

Caught by Christmas is set in a school ” Kringle High”

Wizz and Wicked Show-Time  students playing students,  need a basic school uniform.

Black or grey trousers or skirt

White shirt or blouse

Red tie or red accessories : red bows in hair , red socks ,

Students playing teachers need a generic teachers outfit. I have talked to students re possible costume ideas,  please get in touch if you’re not sure. .

Wizz Students:  will need the basic school uniform above  . Some students will need accessories for their flash back scenes . Again i will chat to students about this ,it will be something simple , like a coat or jumper.  Please email me if you’re not sure what they need .

Rainbow students : need Christmas party outfits,  colour scheme : red, white, green.

Sassy Stars: ( Wednesday 6-7pm Trinity class)  Need Elf outfits for their number . colour scheme: Red white and green . Black jazz shoes.

Super Troupers:  ( Thursday 6.30-7.30pm Trinity class ) Are doing a Les Mis style number and will need shawls , or pieces of shabby material  to throw over their school uniform or teacher costume . Please make sure they can tight it around their neck,  so their arms are free. Black jazz shoes.

Hope that all makes sense , please email me if you need any further information .




Christmas Show Details 2019

Our Christmas show “ Caught by Christmas” will be performed at “The British Legion ” on Sunday 15th December

There will be 2 shows  2pm and 4pm  . The show will be approximately an hour long .


10 am : All Wizz, Wicked and Trinity students arrive , they can arrive in costume or get

ready at the Legion . Photos will be taken during the rehearsal so please make

sure students are ready , hair done and stage make up on .

10.30am1.30 pm : Dress / Tech rehearsal in costume and make up

1pm : Rainbows arrive for their rehearsal , in costume and make up please.

1.45 pm:  Doors open for the 2 pm show , The Legion have said parents are very

welcome to arrive early and have a drink down stairs,  but please do not cue

down the street . Thank You

Tickets are £5 and will be sold on the door . 

2pm -3pm :      First show : Students are welcome to bring lunch and stay at The

Legion  between shows or pop out with chaperones or parents . Older

students need  permission form parents to go out alone .

4pm – 5pm  :   Second Show :

I urgently need volunteers to chaperone during the shows and possibly help clean up after . We’re charged by the hour at the Legion and we’re expected to leave the room as we find it . Sometimes I am there for 2 hours or more after the show,  with a couple of kind volunteers. If you can’t stay and help,  can you please remind CTS students  to clean up after themselves.  Last year we had lost of sweet papers and food all over the floor back stage . Any help would be very much appreciated.

Please email me if you are happy to volunteer

Thank you




Christmas Term Dates 2019


Our Christmas Show “Caught by Christmas” will take place  “The British Legion” on Sunday 15th December.


Half Term : Wednesday 30th Oct – Wednesday 11th Dec  (6 weeks)

5-6pm : Show-Time Wizz class : 9-12yrs
6-7pm : Trinity group exam class: 9 + : beginners/ Intermittent



Half Term: Thursday 31st Oct – Thursday 12th Dec ( 6 weeks)  .

4.30-5.30pm: Rainbow Show-Time class : 5-8 Yrs
5.30-6.30pm Wicked Show-Time class: 12+
6.30- 7.30 pm : Trinity group exam class: 12+ : Grade 6



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