So the Indian Queens Festival is over for another year and as Brucie would say “didn’t we do well” …….. 

The standard was soooo high with schools coming all the way from Plymouth and beyond to take part  !    oooh arrrr !! : )

So here are all the results :

Song and Dance Group Results  : 

 Newquay Mini Stars: 1st place and top marks out of the CTS clan again ! : )

Truro Little Stars:   2nd place , but i would say they are the most improved group , so really well done.

Truro Shining Stars:   2nd place with a wonderful performance of Step in Time .

 Newquay Shooting Stars:  3rd place with a bit of fossy  .

So all 4 groups placed and lots of good tips on how we can make the numbers even better .. ! : ) x

More amazing news from CTS: Daisy Dewey has only gone and won the Musical Theater class at the Indian Queens festival : 3rd in Folk Song, 2nd in Pop Ballad, 1st in Song from a Musical (Distinction) .

Indian Queens Drama Festival, all of them got placed and Matilda Hayward not only won first place in her class but also received the award for the highest score of the day , then………….she was joint awarded, with 2 others, the award for the most points in all categories x So proud of them all , x SJ



11-13 yrs :  FOLK SONG 

Emma Clark:   1st place

Daisy Dewey :  2nd Place


Daisy Dewey :  2nd Place


Daisy Dewey :  1ST  Place



Lauren Ridehalgh 85 -Commended – joint 3rd place

Daisy Dewey :          85 – Commended – joint 3rd place 

Megan Liddington :  86 – Commended – joint 2nd place


14-16 yr Drama :

Sam Brenton:           87 – Distinction – 3 rd place 

Jessica Kelly:          88 – Distinction – 2nd place

Matilda Haywood:    89 – Distinction – 1 st place 




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