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Tretherras Dance Show 2019

Wednesday 5th June

All Newquay Trinity Students to arrive at Tretherras school at 5.30pm in CTS T-Shirts and black leggings for a rehearsal at 6pm prompt.

We are in room G 28, you can put your things there , then make your way to the main hall for a rehearsal at 6pm prompt !

Sassy Stars are Performing – Ding Dong the witch is dead – Witch Costumes ( see Royal Cornwall post)

Super Troupers are performing – The Jitterbug-  Costumes – Jitterbug , Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion and  Scarecrow costumes. (See Royal Cornwall post )

It’s a one act show this year , the approximate finish time is 8.30pm .
However Sassy Stars are the 6th act to perform out of 17 , if you would like to pick up Sassy Stars earlier we can always txt you once they have performed .
Can you email me mobile numbers to save me chasing them up ? thank you.
Super Troupers are 14th to perform, so they might as well stay until the end .
If you want to watch the show tickets can be purchased form Tretherras .
Thank You


Royal Cornwall Show 2019

Saturday 8th June.

Trinity Students Only :

Our performance times are 30 mins

11.30 -12  and 3-3.30 pm

The Dance show stand no is 182, the nearest entrance is the East Gate.

I will give out tickets in class this week. .

Parents need to buy their own ticket, as we’re only allocated tickets for our students and chaperones.

Please make your way to the performance tent for 11 am and 2.30pm . The tent is next to the flower show,  as usual .  Stand No : 182,  Nearest Gate: East Gate .

Jason has asked  that students don’t go into the changing rooms until their allotted time as there are back to back performances all day .

While CTS students are performing  and back stage , we are in charge of keeping and eye on them , but between shows they will need chaperoning, unless they are old enough to be left to their own devices.

Parents sometimes take turns in looking after small groups, if you can’t make it for any reason.

Here is the set list

1 : Down Vith Vitches –  Poem- Newquay Sassy Stars  – Costumes – Witches and Wizards :  Please make sure hats are on head bands or have some way of being pinned on heads .

2: Ding Dong The Witch is Dead – song- Newquay Sassy Stars :  Costumes as above

3. Red Shoe Blues – Song – Izzy Prosser : Costume – Witch costume

4. Cover is not the book – Song – Truro Shining Stars-  Costume black CTS T-shirt , black leggings , black jazz shoes, black bowler hat.

5. Welcome to the Emerald City – Poem – Newquay Super Troupers – Dorothy , Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion in costume ,  Jitterbugs : all black with green bowers ( I will supply the feather bowers)

6. The Wizard and I – Song – Daisy Dewey  (Costume as above )

7. The Jitterbug –  Song- Newquay Super Troupers – Costume – Jittrbugs all black with jitterbug wings ( I will supply wings)  students need to supply  bug antenna . Dorothy , Tin Man , Lion and scarecrow in costume .

8. Over The Rainbow – Newquay Super Troupers and Truro Shining Stars

CTS students need to arrive in CTS T- shirts and black leggings to represent our school . They can change into costume,  in the performance tent . Please let me know if you need a CTS top  ? I will be putting in an order over May half-term .





Trinity Exam Time-Table 2019

Trinity Exams are taking place on Sunday 23rd June at The Redannick Theatre , Truro.

Group Performing Arts Students + thous taking their advanced Performance certificate  can wear costume .

Students taking Solo exams need to wear a CTS T shirt, black leggings and black jazz shoes . All hair off faces please.

Remember all students taking solo exams need clean copies of their monologues and sheet music for their songs.

Please arrive at least 15 mins before your exam and sit quietly in the changing rooms . Warm your voices up before you arrive , you can always go outside for a quick stretch and run through.

10:00 Chloe Morris -Musical Theatre-  Grade 7

10:23 Maisy Johns – Performance Arts- Grade 4

10:39  Ryan Brock- Performing Arts – Grade 4

10.55 Tallulah Ashby – Performance Arts -Grade 5

11.13  Arwen Hemming – Musical Theatre -Grade  5

11:31  Maria Thorpe – Performance Arts- Grade 6

11:51  15 mins Break

12.06  Izzy Prosser – Performance Arts- Grade  6

12.26 Ellie Lim –  Musical Theatre  Grade 6

12.46  Matilda Santolomazza – Musical Theatre – Grade 6

13.06 Elizabeth Olive – Musical Theatre- Grade  6

13.26 Curtis Powell – Performance Arts – Grade 6

13.46  60 mins Break

14:46 Sassy Stars Performance Arts (Groups) 5

15.04 Super Troupers Performance Arts (Groups) 5

15.22  Shining Stars Performance Arts (Groups) 5

15.40 Lauren Ridehalgh- Performance Arts- Grade 6

16.00 15 mins Break

16.15 Caya Murphy-  Advanced Performance Certificate PC

16.45 Megan Liddington  -Advanced Performance Certificate PC

17.15  Jessica Hudson – ATCL Performing (Musical Theatre), Unit 1 – Performing Musical Theatre

18.00 mins

End of day

New Venue Newquay

Thursday Show-Time classes will take place in the Function Room at Newquay Sports Center from now on .

Wednesday Trinity exam classes will remain at the British Legion for the Summer Term .


Exam and Performance Dates 2019

Dates for your diary :

Newquay Tretherras Dance Showcase :  Wednesday 5th June. ( Newquay Trinity Students only)

Royal Cornwall Show – Trinity Students only – Sat 8th June : Performance times 11 am and 3pm .

Trinity Exam Date – Sunday 23rd June : Redannick Theater Truro ( The Time -Table will be available  6 weeks before the exam date )

Journey to OZ – Truro cast – Saturday 6th July  -Redannick Theater  : 10 am Tech and Dress Rehearsal : Shows 2.30pm and 5.30pm

Journey to Oz – Newquay Cast –  Saturday 13th July – Redannick Theater:  10 am Tech and Dress Rehearsal : Shows 2.30pm and 5.30pm

As we get close to each event a separate page with detailed information will be published on the site . So keep checking in . SJ

It's Show-Time Folks : Newquay Show : Sat 8th Dec

10 am – All Wizz and Wicked students arrive  at the Legion.

10.30am- Dress / tech rehearsal starts:  Students need to be in costume with hair and make up done  . My one hair rule is:  off faces , so either up or half up . Girls playing boys need buns or pony tales. Make up can be big and bold , it’s panto after all !

Bring : Grips, Hairspray, safety pins , make up any personal props needed.

1pm : Rainbows and Trinity exam students arrive in make up and costume ready to rehearse.

2pm – 3.10pm Approx – First Show.

4pm – 5.10pm approx – Second Show

Doors open at 1.45 pm , please don’t arrive too early s the Legion don’t like the audience queuing down the street .

We’ve sold lots of ticket but there are some left for both shows if anyone has friends they would like to bring . We will sell them on the door .

Please send students with , snacks , water, and quite games to play .

Students are allowed out between shows but only with parents permission.

See you all tomorrow !

“OH no you won’t” !


Costume Ideas for The Wrong Panto

Rainbows are Rats and Cats :

Choose a basic base color eg : : black, brown , white , : leggings, t-shirts, vests, leotards if you have them,  add ears and a tail or  buy a rat or cat costume, but make sure faces aren’t covered : )  AN EASY WAY TO MAKE A TAIL IS TO STUFF NYLON TIGHTS WITH NEWSPAPER .


Wizz are mostly fairy tale characters or characters in a fairy tale commercial :

Basic black base : leggings, t-shirt , vest, add a couple of things that represent the character : eg: A Princess could wear a crown and sash ,  a child could wear big colorful jo jo bows !  A Prince could wear a crown , A dating show host could wear a big bow tie


Wicked are playing the main characters:

I will help here where i can, as i have some panto style costumes i can source .  I will have a chat in class with the students re who i can help costume wise .   They need to look like over the top characters, so google the character for costume ideas and lots will come up :

EG : Hook , Jack Sparrow type pirate with a hook hand

Cinders : Rags

Genie :  Belly dancing style costume

Abanazer – Arabic looking prince with gold turban and harem pants .

Newquay Trinity Sassy Stars: All black with colorful wings that  tie to their finger or wrist , so they move when they lift their arms . So not stiff wings .

Trinity Truro :  : Elizabeth is Pan , so will be in her Peter Pan costume . The rest can be in basic black : tops, leotards, vests, leggings, tights :  can they add a crown of green leaves, as it’s coming up to Christmas a small Christmas reef should work and double as a home decoration : )

Hope that helps email me at if you need any more pointers .







Payment Information NOV 2020


Half Term: 5th NOV –  17th Dec ( 7 weeks )

4.15 – 5.15 pm: Shooting Stars Perfroming Arts class: 5-9yrs
5.30 – 6.30 pm: Sassy Stars Performing Arts class: 9-11 yrs
6.45-7.45 pm : Super Troupers Perfroming Arts class: 12-17 yrs


£45.50  (£6.50 X 7)

You can pay via BACS:
Sort Code: 40-44-34
Account No: 41687476

Or Paypal :



All payment must be maid via BACS or paypal in advance.
No payment will be taken on the door.
Due to goverment guide lines class numbers are limited .
Classes are booked once a half or full term payment is made .
Please use students name as a refrance when paying.
I will confrim your payment and place once it’s been made.
Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. Most classes are close to capacity or fully
booked and therefore the half-term payment secures a place another student
could have taken.

We expect high level of attendance at CTS.
Please contact me as soon as possible if a student can’t make a class .
Simply text my mobile number: 07779440752.

Staying up to date with CTS information:
I group email everyone regarding events. Please make sure we have your
correct email.
Email us at if you’re not receiving
Despite our best efforts to ensure all emails find their way to everyone,
sometimes some do slip through.
Here are other ways to keep up with information:

1: Click on ‘News’ on our website (

2: The Notice Board: each class has a notice board with up to date

3: Facebook: join our “Cornwall Theatre School” Facebook page. News is
updated regularly.


We sometimes use pictures of our students in shows for publicity purposes.
Please let us know if you have any objection to this in advance.

What to wear:

All Performing Arts students need a CTS T-shirt to wear in class and for
their exam .
Black joggers or leggings are recomended .
Black jazz shoes .

Trinity Exams :
We take a Trinity College of London exam once a year.
These exams require a fee. The fee varies depending on the size of the group
and the grade being taken.

Many thanks,

Stephanie Johnson
Principal of Cornwall Theatre School


Winter Term and show Dates 2018/ CTS Terms And Conditions


Here are the new half-term  and show dates  dates for WINTER 2018:



Newquay Group Trinity exam class: Wed 31ST OCT – WED 12TH DEC

Newquay Group Show-Time class:  THUR 1ST NOV- Thur 13TH DEC

Truro Show-Time Class: FRIDAY 2ND NOV – FRIDAY 14TH DEC

Truro Group Trinity Exam Class: Sat 3RD NOV-SAT 8TH DEC.


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