Costume Ideas for The Wrong Panto

Rainbows are Rats and Cats :

Choose a basic base color eg : : black, brown , white , : leggings, t-shirts, vests, leotards if you have them,  add ears and a tail or  buy a rat or cat costume, but make sure faces aren’t covered : )  AN EASY WAY TO MAKE A TAIL IS TO STUFF NYLON TIGHTS WITH NEWSPAPER .


Wizz are mostly fairy tale characters or characters in a fairy tale commercial :

Basic black base : leggings, t-shirt , vest, add a couple of things that represent the character : eg: A Princess could wear a crown and sash ,  a child could wear big colorful jo jo bows !  A Prince could wear a crown , A dating show host could wear a big bow tie


Wicked are playing the main characters:

I will help here where i can, as i have some panto style costumes i can source .  I will have a chat in class with the students re who i can help costume wise .   They need to look like over the top characters, so google the character for costume ideas and lots will come up :

EG : Hook , Jack Sparrow type pirate with a hook hand

Cinders : Rags

Genie :  Belly dancing style costume

Abanazer – Arabic looking prince with gold turban and harem pants .

Newquay Trinity Sassy Stars: All black with colorful wings that  tie to their finger or wrist , so they move when they lift their arms . So not stiff wings .

Trinity Truro :  : Elizabeth is Pan , so will be in her Peter Pan costume . The rest can be in basic black : tops, leotards, vests, leggings, tights :  can they add a crown of green leaves, as it’s coming up to Christmas a small Christmas reef should work and double as a home decoration : )

Hope that helps email me at if you need any more pointers .







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