Here are some possible questions the examiner may ask .

There are 20 marks for questions,  so it’s worth researching your pieces.

This is what the syllabus says for Musical Theater exams :


“A discussion with the examiner on the preparation and interpretation of the performed pieces”

Questions asked in the past :

Tell me some of the vocal warm ups or breathing exercises you use to prepare ?

How long have you been preparing for this exam ?

Tell me about your character ?

Where  are they when they sing their song or perform their monologue ?  eg : in their bedroom , in the garden etc .

What happens in the story,  just before your song or monologue to prompt the character to sing the song ?

Does the character change or have a realization during their song or monologue ?

Describe your surroundings  eg If your in a garden,  describe it .

Tell me the story of the musical or play the song or monologue is from .

Students are expected to read the plays and know the story of the musicals they are performing. If you haven’t time to do that,  Wikipedia the play or musical , but don’t tell the examiner that’ s what you did ! : )   You can find most musicals on you tube.


This is what the syllabus says

“A discussion with the examiner about the work presented, context of individual items, interpretation and possible alternative approaches ” .

As this is our first year doing the Perming Arts syllabus , i can’t draw on what examiners have asked before .

If you’re reciting a poem,  I would research the author and be able to chat about the meaning , interpretation and mood of your poem.  .

For songs and monologues  see musical theater questions above:

It also says think about alternative approaches , so have a think about  different ways  you could perform your prepared pieces.

Don’t forget all solo exam students need clean copies of their monologues, poems and sheet music for their songs . City Music is now closed : (  , so the best place to get sheet music is on line .


Hope that helps




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