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CTS CLASS Closure 2020


Due to government guidelines all CTS classes have now stopped !

Classes are due to start back after the Easter holidays . However I will be following government guidelines so please check our Facebook page, web site and emails.

I feel very torn about making this decision, but feel the main priority at this time is everyone’s health and well being.

Please spread the word and see you all on the other side .

I have given students scripts , if they have lost them and want another, so they can learn their lines , please email me or message me. .Fingers crosses our show can still go ahead in July.

I may do a couple of short videos so students can keep up with their basic drama skills during this time .

Keep singing and dancing : )

Warmest Stephanie x

Private Lesson Time-Table March 2020

Trekenning Cottage ,Trekenning, Newquay , TR8 4JB

SAT: 29th Feb, 14th March, 28th March :     10 am – 11am :   Ellie

SAT: 7th March, 21st March :                       10 am -11am:     Elizabeth Olive

SAT: 29th Feb, :                                           11am- 12:           Lauren Ridehalgh
14th March:                                                 11am- 12:           Maisy Johns
28th March:                                                 11am -12 :          Elizabeth Olive

SAT: 7th March, 21st March :                      1 am – 12:           Izzy Prosser

SAT: 29th Feb, 14th March, 28th March:    12 -1pm:             Maisy Johns

SAT: 7th March, 21st March :                     12- 1pm :            Arwen Hemming


SAT: 7th March, 21st March :                    1.30-2.30pm :        Maria Thorpe

Lessons can be paid for up front, or as you go. If you do pay as you go: please bring the payment to each lesson or pay on line promptly.

BACS details: Sort Code: 40-44-34, Account No: 41687476: please put the students name as a reference.

1hr lesson = £26

Please note: 24 hour cancellation notice is needed.

Happy New Year / Term Dates 2020

CTS Classes resume as follows: 


Wednesday 8th Jan – Wednesday 12th Feb

5-6pm – Wizz show-time class : 9- 11yrs

6-7pm – Trinity exam preparation class : 9 + 


Thursday 9th Jan – Thursday 13th Feb  

4.30-5.30pm – Rainbow Show-Time class : 5-8yrs

5.30-6.30pm – Wicked Show-Time class : 12 +

6.30-7.30pm – Trinity exam preparation class : 12 +

Costume Ideas- Xmas Show 2019

Caught by Christmas is set in a school ” Kringle High”

Wizz and Wicked Show-Time  students playing students,  need a basic school uniform.

Black or grey trousers or skirt

White shirt or blouse

Red tie or red accessories : red bows in hair , red socks ,

Students playing teachers need a generic teachers outfit. I have talked to students re possible costume ideas,  please get in touch if you’re not sure. .

Wizz Students:  will need the basic school uniform above  . Some students will need accessories for their flash back scenes . Again i will chat to students about this ,it will be something simple , like a coat or jumper.  Please email me if you’re not sure what they need .

Rainbow students : need Christmas party outfits,  colour scheme : red, white, green.

Sassy Stars: ( Wednesday 6-7pm Trinity class)  Need Elf outfits for their number . colour scheme: Red white and green . Black jazz shoes.

Super Troupers:  ( Thursday 6.30-7.30pm Trinity class ) Are doing a Les Mis style number and will need shawls , or pieces of shabby material  to throw over their school uniform or teacher costume . Please make sure they can tight it around their neck,  so their arms are free. Black jazz shoes.

Hope that all makes sense , please email me if you need any further information .




Christmas Show Details 2019

Our Christmas show “ Caught by Christmas” will be performed at “The British Legion ” on Sunday 15th December

There will be 2 shows  2pm and 4pm  . The show will be approximately an hour long .


10 am : All Wizz, Wicked and Trinity students arrive , they can arrive in costume or get

ready at the Legion . Photos will be taken during the rehearsal so please make

sure students are ready , hair done and stage make up on .

10.30am1.30 pm : Dress / Tech rehearsal in costume and make up

1pm : Rainbows arrive for their rehearsal , in costume and make up please.

1.45 pm:  Doors open for the 2 pm show , The Legion have said parents are very

welcome to arrive early and have a drink down stairs,  but please do not cue

down the street . Thank You

Tickets are £5 and will be sold on the door . 

2pm -3pm :      First show : Students are welcome to bring lunch and stay at The

Legion  between shows or pop out with chaperones or parents . Older

students need  permission form parents to go out alone .

4pm – 5pm  :   Second Show :

I urgently need volunteers to chaperone during the shows and possibly help clean up after . We’re charged by the hour at the Legion and we’re expected to leave the room as we find it . Sometimes I am there for 2 hours or more after the show,  with a couple of kind volunteers. If you can’t stay and help,  can you please remind CTS students  to clean up after themselves.  Last year we had lost of sweet papers and food all over the floor back stage . Any help would be very much appreciated.

Please email me if you are happy to volunteer

Thank you




Christmas Term Dates 2019


Our Christmas Show “Caught by Christmas” will take place  “The British Legion” on Sunday 15th December.


Half Term : Wednesday 30th Oct – Wednesday 11th Dec  (6 weeks)

5-6pm : Show-Time Wizz class : 9-12yrs
6-7pm : Trinity group exam class: 9 + : beginners/ Intermittent



Half Term: Thursday 31st Oct – Thursday 12th Dec ( 6 weeks)  .

4.30-5.30pm: Rainbow Show-Time class : 5-8 Yrs
5.30-6.30pm Wicked Show-Time class: 12+
6.30- 7.30 pm : Trinity group exam class: 12+ : Grade 6



Tretherras Dance Show 2019

Wednesday 5th June

All Newquay Trinity Students to arrive at Tretherras school at 5.30pm in CTS T-Shirts and black leggings for a rehearsal at 6pm prompt.

We are in room G 28, you can put your things there , then make your way to the main hall for a rehearsal at 6pm prompt !

Sassy Stars are Performing – Ding Dong the witch is dead – Witch Costumes ( see Royal Cornwall post)

Super Troupers are performing – The Jitterbug-  Costumes – Jitterbug , Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion and  Scarecrow costumes. (See Royal Cornwall post )

It’s a one act show this year , the approximate finish time is 8.30pm .
However Sassy Stars are the 6th act to perform out of 17 , if you would like to pick up Sassy Stars earlier we can always txt you once they have performed .
Can you email me mobile numbers to save me chasing them up ? thank you.
Super Troupers are 14th to perform, so they might as well stay until the end .
If you want to watch the show tickets can be purchased form Tretherras .
Thank You


Royal Cornwall Show 2019

Saturday 8th June.

Trinity Students Only :

Our performance times are 30 mins

11.30 -12  and 3-3.30 pm

The Dance show stand no is 182, the nearest entrance is the East Gate.

I will give out tickets in class this week. .

Parents need to buy their own ticket, as we’re only allocated tickets for our students and chaperones.

Please make your way to the performance tent for 11 am and 2.30pm . The tent is next to the flower show,  as usual .  Stand No : 182,  Nearest Gate: East Gate .

Jason has asked  that students don’t go into the changing rooms until their allotted time as there are back to back performances all day .

While CTS students are performing  and back stage , we are in charge of keeping and eye on them , but between shows they will need chaperoning, unless they are old enough to be left to their own devices.

Parents sometimes take turns in looking after small groups, if you can’t make it for any reason.

Here is the set list

1 : Down Vith Vitches –  Poem- Newquay Sassy Stars  – Costumes – Witches and Wizards :  Please make sure hats are on head bands or have some way of being pinned on heads .

2: Ding Dong The Witch is Dead – song- Newquay Sassy Stars :  Costumes as above

3. Red Shoe Blues – Song – Izzy Prosser : Costume – Witch costume

4. Cover is not the book – Song – Truro Shining Stars-  Costume black CTS T-shirt , black leggings , black jazz shoes, black bowler hat.

5. Welcome to the Emerald City – Poem – Newquay Super Troupers – Dorothy , Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion in costume ,  Jitterbugs : all black with green bowers ( I will supply the feather bowers)

6. The Wizard and I – Song – Daisy Dewey  (Costume as above )

7. The Jitterbug –  Song- Newquay Super Troupers – Costume – Jittrbugs all black with jitterbug wings ( I will supply wings)  students need to supply  bug antenna . Dorothy , Tin Man , Lion and scarecrow in costume .

8. Over The Rainbow – Newquay Super Troupers and Truro Shining Stars

CTS students need to arrive in CTS T- shirts and black leggings to represent our school . They can change into costume,  in the performance tent . Please let me know if you need a CTS top  ? I will be putting in an order over May half-term .





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